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“Only recognition of the Subtle World will give knowledge of

Cosmos Phenomena”!

(Agny-Yoga, “Boundlessness”)



It is already a secret for nobody that at the present time humanity goes through critical and turning point of its evolution. It is a time of cosmic exam for evolution and spiritual maturity and the opportunity of huge spurt ahead in its development.


It is a time of screening of those who could not prepare for evolutionary afterburning, cosmic metamorphoses and transmutation of physical body to new Divine quality of Light and Fire.


 It is a period when an individual has to recognize his cosmic evolutionary mission, essence of life and his own place in the Universe. It is but the recognition is a podium for transition of homo sapience into homo cosmicus (cosmic man). The necessity of such ideological discernment is needed absolutely each Earth inhabitant out of his age, religious outlooks, nationality and so on.


Every person should answer, first of all to himself: “Who am I?” “What is a purpose of my existence?”, “Who is the God?”, “Where is my place in the Universe?” and so on. And even not to answer, but at least to think about them. It is the exam for spiritual and ideological maturity; the exam mankind is going for the last ten thousand years of the Fifth Race, and which was mentioned in the Bible as “separation of sheep from goats”.


After recognition there should be a period of transmutation – changing of physical body on protein molecular and gene – DNA levels, and also changing of ideological model of behavior in society. BUT these processes are strictly individual and sacred.


The old world is always fighting with a new one. Now modern science is afflicted by deep split of crisis of an ideology and world outlook. Many scientists do not manage to hold new realities of Being and interpret them from the old positions and ideology to new concept model of the world. This fact for them that, for example, speed of light is not the largest speed in the Universe, and that it is lightly small in comparison with speed of thought, causes stress of aversion and avalanche of condemnation. Although, there is not a contradiction in this fact: simply speed of light is the most rapid speed in three-dimension world, and speed of thought – in four-dimension world.



“From all energies the subtlest finest is a thought”



It is necessary again to tell the scientists that Einstein’s theories do not overturn Euclid’s laws but include them;

 third dimension does not overturn the laws of plane …

 but includes them.


(Agny-Yoga. “Boundlessness”)






Those who limit themselves by three-dimension world will always give wrong explanations for the Nature’s phenomena, because they will consider effects separately from integral multi-dimensional cause.


And vise versa, those scientists who went through the Divine way of cognition will get help and direction on their way of cognition of real nature of Things from The Great Teachers of mankind – Mahatmas of Shambala and Ascended Masters of

Hierarchy of Light.  


The world is creation, but creation is dead without experiments. It is impossible to stop scientific progress. But by means of scientific progress it is possible to injure body and soul. The Atlantis did it by violation of the Cosmic Laws. And they were destroyed.


At present time mankind is on karmic watershed, evolution Rubicon. The last discoveries in the field of torsion fields and physical vacuum, wave genome, cloning and so on place a man before a dilemma of choice. These discoveries can be associated with a stone. It is the mean of creation in the hands of a builder and the mean of murder in the hands of a murderer.


What kind of choice humanity will do is a subject of his free choice. And nobody can interfere in this process. We not simple want to warn you and to call to observance of the Divine ethic norms in science!


One more time we call all scientists to show prudence and wisdom and always respice finem – to foresee the final result.


Here We will give some recommendations to geneticists and cosmos geneticists, using      materials of scientific researches and concept action of P.P. Garyaev. It is but this scientist, there is no doubt incoming into the world elite of the New Age scientists, managed to discover wave genome of higher bio systems.


The Hierarchy of Light charged New Age Masters to analyze the last works of this scientist and directed its process and direction. The result of this work is this material “Introduction in Cosmogenetics – 2” (See the beginning on site, which we offer to your attention.







New Age Masters expresses thanks to P.P. Garyaev

 for presentation of his last works.



In Canada during the experiments P.P. Garyaev confirmed the effect of transportation of genetic metabolic information with a help of electromagnetic fields. The results of these discoveries open the way to healing the most severe sicknesses.


However, a progress in the field of wave genetics and medicine may become Grecian horse, because there is a danger, in a case of wrong understanding and usage, death danger for mankind. In this work an accent will be made on how to eliminate this danger.


So, Garyaev’s group managed (as they not unfoundedly consider) to find out wave method of healing of diabetes for rats. Pay your attention, for rats, not for a man, it is very important!!! This was confirmed by laboratory analyses on the most perfect (in three-dimension world) equipment. At that, if in the previous cases they compares and transmitted (teleported) “health” information with DNA molecules, and now – with the whole organs, creating their information copies.


It means that healing and transplanting (see may be replaced by wave information teleportation! And it is a right way! But not in such form and recognition in which this research is now.


By means of information set forth below the scientists will be helped, in possible limits, how to deviate from a disaster, on the edge of which they are now, and to direct them to the Way of Truth. They could be helped to make a correct decision only by their Wisdom, faith and Love!











It is assumed that for teleportation of health (standard) information an organism of a health person – wave donor – will be used. But who is ready to take a responsibility for detection of such donor? Particularly in the view of his realizable multi-dimensional different vibration’s   nature? What are the criteria of perfect state? Scientists have not still known that during the transferring of wave information it can occur a capture of negative karmic information and fragments of individual timing field. In other words, acceptor (recipient) can be transferred karmic donor’s information and ask information about donor’s last and future health, which could be accepted by DNA as a new program of own development! Think attentively and answer for yourself, how much do you know about it. Keep in mind that an individual is not a rat. Rats do not have karma and personal time field that is why such experiments will not reveal this secondary problem!







This is possible to infect of wave acceptor (potential patient) by the wave strains of cosmos and wave viruses.


Remember ( that wave viruses live on such vibration frequency that cannot be detected by practically any earth devices.


Except this, wave viruses, being conceptually similar to computer viruses, can catch teleported wave information from a donor to acceptor in space and copy (write additionally) in it their own destructive code, not only obviously but in stellular (я поняла этот термин как «звездный статус», то есть какой-то полевой уровень) status.


And this is not a fantasy, but new side of the truth’s reality!


Certainly, a man-donor who permanently looks after his own auras hygiene and purity of thoughts, does not have wave viruses. But now do the scientists take into consideration this factor for a choice of perfect wave donor? By the way, banal evil eye or overlook, or, scientifically, negative wave energy information invasion, are also successfully transmitted by modern methods of wave teleportation.







Even if in such info-teleportation we manage to avoid above mentioned dangers, it is necessary to activate in the acceptor’s organism a special program of vibro-information synchronization to harmonize new state of a person’s subjected to wave correction organ with the whole organism. Wave seizure is such a reality as a seizure of physical organs!


Also, it is extreme important previously to clean teleported information from possible wave viruses and other “information ballast”, packed it into special wave ultra-high-frequency capsule.


It should be considered also, that information teleportation is always invasion, surgery intervention on field level, violation of a person’s wholeness and reprogramming him to a new way of development. If it is dome correctly, it is healing; if not – it is an evil eye or damnation, directed by means of scientific tools!






Donor and acceptor should be of the same age, one blood group and one Zodiacal sign, otherwise after information invasion rapid aging of acceptor’s organism may start (if he is younger that donor), so as the information about older state of bio-substance (even more physically healthy) will be entered into his organism.


The scientists should be very attentive to by sight tempting idea of comparing and transferring to recipient the information from the whole donor’s organism, trying to rejuvenate in such a way and, particularly, resurrection of the death persons.


Yes, all of these are POSSIBLE! But only if it is doing in unison and in harmony with the Cosmic Laws, and also if previously it is recognized by consciousness and felt deeply     be Heart!


One more time we repeat and implore the scientists thoroughly to think over their actions and their possible results. We ask them to contact and ask Hierarchy of Light (themselves or through mediators).


We, New Age Masters, in connection with this announce about our readiness to use all out possibilities and abilities to help you, the scientists, in it.


In reality, modern science approaches to the most dangerous line before a disaster and already doing its setting.


If in the nearest future they did not see this disaster and not realize it, they would have been annihilated for execution of the Law of Wholeness of Creation. You should know about it.  These are not menaces, but knowledge of necessity!


It is unlikely that the God will punish anybody for creation, for example, wave genetic weapon because a man has a free choice – the main principle of our Universe! But if humanity will still be destroyed, this point will be in Verdict of Evolution.


Also, the Hierarchy of Light seriously notifies in advance and warns the scientists from early euphoria about panacea of wave genetics and medicine. We repeat one more time: in modern ideology state, already being behind from done discoveries, it is a dangerous way! We will help you in everything, only ask and listen! Below we will indicate you leading landmarks, a direction to cognition of the Truth and the Divine scientific discoveries! Will you use them or not – it is fully a question of your free choice. But do not forget about your huge evolution responsibility before the God and mankind! We appeal to all advanced scientists, going in the vanguard of truly progress! Who is done much will be asked much! These are the words of Jesus Christ. You are going ahead of everybody, you have nobody to rest upon and nothing to compare with, and you are the pioneers and pathfinders! Please, be wise, careful and directed by Shield of Hierarchy!


We understand that not so long ago all we are talking about later will seem to you delirium or, in a better case, fantasy (for a majority of people this is so in our days). But, you are elite, pharos of new knowledge and salvation! Was not it a fantasy that you have reached now?


So, at the beginning we will note that medical treatment and healing are different concepts. Medical treatment of a body without curing of his soul is finally evil and harm for a person. Please, read attentively and many time “Message of Mahatmas of Shambala to Healers” (, print it and always keep with you!


A medical doctor, treating a body, do not understanding for himself, prevents from the execution of the Divine’s Will, Higher “Self” of a patient. Sufferings of a body are healing and cleaning of the soul! And it is better to endure of a body, but to clean and save the soul!


A doctor-healer should help a patient to find and realize karmic cause of sickness – point in the space and time where a man “crossed a road to the God”. The main help of a real doctor is not treatment, but help in establishment of karmic diagnosis – a cause of sickness and realizing it! The best and universal medicine is not drugs (including wave) but prayer and penance, leading to changing of the way of life and a relation to the world.


We went to unexampled publicity and decided to open the Mystery about that it was not possible to dream before. We hope to your understanding. Do you remember about series of the sudden death of leading microbiologists in 2000-2001? They were liquidated due to a decision of Karmic Council (the Lords of Karma) of the Galaxy. Do you know why? Were they bad persons? No, because they were good persons and approached very closely to finding the means of healing of many death sicknesses. The Cod cured people by these sicknesses, saving their souls. This is the valuable thing a man has. Remember, Christ told that it is better for a person to cut his extremity than his whole body would be plunged into blazing inferno? It is better to loose a body and soon find it in a new incarnation than irrevocably to loose a soul!


Here is an example, when ignorance and misunderstanding of Cosmic Laws become a cause of destroying of physical body. And their death will be idle, if will not serve as a lesson to all the rest and will not prevent new liquidations.


Modern wave genetics has already realized that it is possible to copy and transfer information not only from DNA (however, the scientists have not still revealed that DNA contains full information about whole organism), but from the whole organs and from the whole organism either.


We have already paid your attention that there is a “problem of the perfect wave donor”, more exactly, such persons practically do not exist within ordinary individuals! Do you remember the first lines of Old Testament that a man was created as image and similarity of the God? It does not mean that it is necessary to use the God as wave donor!  But the essence is: something is necessary that is in the perfect state. A MAN HAS WHAT CAN BE CALLED A MATRIX OF PERFECT STATE OF AN ORGANISM (MPS)!


MPS is the information package of program codes of standard state of a man’s body that fits for any age. But where should we look for MPS?


The scientists should answer this question by themselves or address to esoteric who have already found and successfully used MPS of a man within spiritual cosmos energetic practice of celestology (,


MPS’s usage gives incredible results. New Age Masters is ready to share these knowledge and, if it is necessary, to take part into experiments.


This is but Matrix of the Perfect State (MPS) should be used by wave genetics as a standard wave donor. Similarly, everything in mature has a matrix of the perfect state. It is only necessary to realize and find it!


Certainly, you will have a question: how technically can be accomplished info-teleportation projection from MPS to a patient-acceptor? Technical devices are one way, not accomplished on the modern level of development of the earth science and technology. But there is another, the most perfect way and the most ideal “device” for wave teleportation – a man!


MPS is coded on higher mental range of Being; minimal frequency threshold of access is 3,33 MHz second (it is true for a man only!). This frequency corresponds to delta rhythm of brain or a state of deep sleep. Except sleep you can reach this frequency of access only by one mean – in the forth function state of brain – in prayer or meditation.


How should cosmos geneticists to carry out their experiments and to secure themselves from wave viruses and information ballast? Existed devices will not be created in the nearest future or without external help. But it is not an obstacle for a wise person. An individual, strictly speaking his brain, can be such perfect device. The scientists need people with good trained thought power and meditation, they have to be able to change a state of three-dimension substance by the power of thought; for example, transmute wine into brandy or “to age” wine by means of timing acceleration. Such people are not rarity in our days.


They can tune on MPS, scan necessary information and impulse it on bio-acceptor.


No expensive devices are ever be compared with a man! Unfortunately, this reality     has still left misunderstood by the scientists, and that is why not practically used.


From the standpoint of MPS concept it is necessary to note that the attempts to develop so called “wave vaccine” – is a long and curved way to MPS!


Why not to shorten the way?!


A failure of gene engineering is that consequences of its usage were not modeled, nobody naturally thought about them, being in euphoria of pseudo-bursting of the first time. A work was done only on physical plane, gene engineers did not know and do not know now about higher field levels. Wave geneticists lift a slat to energy (ether) level and no more till this time. There is no deep realizing here and no progress in mental and causal. It is not a blame, but guiding mark!


One more very interesting phenomenon – viruses and microbes’ adaptation to antibiotics. Let’s consider   shortly this nuance.


Bacteria produce antidotes to antibiotics comparatively fast. It is surprising and misunderstood phenomenon.


As an answer the pharmacologists create new and new antibiotics but bacteria adapt to them again. Vicious circle.


It is interesting that bacteria in contradiction to antibiotics and in the fight for survival do huge “intellectual” job that can be carried out by powerful institute. They must “study” molecular structure of antibiotic, “to make a decision” with what chemical connection to deliver a blow with purpose to inactivate an antibiotic, after that to synthesize corresponding gene, product of which – enzyme – have to do not simple thing – to destroy antibiotic.


This cannot be done without quasi- intellectual action of bacterial continuum. Bacteria cells, more strictly, their collective gene apparatus are working as wave biocomputer. Man’s cells either.


As bacteria, detecting the structure of antibiotic, must provide its “spectroscopy”, it can be done only with a help of specialized for collection and transmitting the information of inner electromagnetic fields, inhered as bacterial well as animal cells.


  The scientists cannot yet explain this phenomenon.


We will give a short esoteric explanation to this phenomenon.


Viruses and bacteria are creations of Higher Mind and at this time are means of execution of the Divine program. They have their own high consciousness and perform their evolutionary mission. A man will be able to win them only changing himself and his attitude to these microorganisms.


People will lose a case viruses and bacteria until they do not realize their nature and the Divine destination and original chaos of their appearance. Until they will stop the attempts to destroy them. People need to show understanding and to domesticate viruses and bacteria, using their strength for their own evolution.


As it was noted, they are the creations of Higher Mind. Principle of self-preservation and adaptation to the environment is put into their program. It means that they will always adapt to everything a man tries to destroy them.


Viruses, and AIDS virus especially, are the other problem.


AIDS gene apparatus is “smart and resourceful”. Inserting into a man’s chromosomes as text program, it uses the laws of linguistics and wave genetics and can be understood by a man’s organism, its cells, in two senses – safe and dangerous. By the way, onco genes use the similar method. This method is simple, effective and allows these ambiguous virus-oncogene programs keep in our chromosomes long enough, many years, as in computer memory. This linguistic method is called Homonyms or Multi-essence. The same word, phrase, text, genetic texts including, can be perceived by AIDS infected cell in different ways, depending upon surrounding text. Here it is a linguistic example: word “leap” (jump) and “leap” (obstacle). These are homonyms. Without the whole text the can have different meaning.


Genome AIDS, i.e. virus RNA, and after that its copy – DNA, coding this virus, been inserted into a man’s chromosome DNA in one its place has one (safe) meaning for infected cell (more strictly, its absence) and in the other place (in other context) - the other, real virus meaning.


AIDS infected people can live normally for many years, knowing nothing. Their potentially infected virus cells “do not understand” text of AIDS DNA, and, as a result, do not use it as a guide to action. But at any moment of time according some, not yet understood causes, DNA-program of virus moves to the other place of chromosome DNA, i.e. to the other context, and the cells start “to understand” a real sense of virus text-program in the frames of functions of cell DNA wave bio computer (DWB). It means, cell DWB “reads, understands” b is guided by virus DNA program. This is a moment of the beginning of a job of the other, substantial level of AIDS gene code. It is a well-studied genetic code-program of biosynthesis of proteins, AIDS proteins including, and synthesis of RNA as well. In such a way AIDS appears and develops that uses principle of homonym ambiguity of genetic texts. Onco genes behave in the same way.


So, AIDS gene apparatus is, in particular, an aggregate of its “leaping” genes (transposons), coding their own virus. If we will be able to control and govern over these “leaps through senses” we can heal people, i.e. to make cells not “understand” AIDS DNA.


This idea is very simple in its sense, but its realization in not simple. What makes genes “jump”? In what way our organism with its chromosome DNA, wave bio computer makes “a decision”, which gene and where it should “jump”? What is jumps’ aiming accuracy provided by?


Accuracy of transpositions should be provided by some intra-cell analogues of “sight” and “hearing”. DNA Wave Bio Computer possesses these properties. It is able to identify wave equivalents of gene-biochemical structures and correct them.


It is seen and obvious that AIDS virus can be in an organism, subjects to detecting and do not manifest itself for a long time.


What mechanism does regulate its waking up? This is karmic program of Higher “Self”. But we would like to pay your attention to the other moment. Period from the moment of infecting of an organism to real starting of sickness is the Divine gift, a delay, giving to a man by the God.


During this period it is possible fully neutralize virus and it will never wake up. Humanity needs to realize it and use it.


First, all sicknesses originate in a field and can be diagnosed on extra earlier period, until they are not yet manifested on physical level. It means, to eliminate their cause. But only by the Divine methods.


In conclusion we would like to tell that We shortly touched some problems of modern science, medicine and genetics, but neatly described evolutionary perspectives of humanity, in the case if it will further ignore the Cosmic Laws, from one side, and its light and happy future, if it will choose the Divine way of studying of the world and being in harmony with it. It is for you to decide! For everybody and for each person!



 Channeled by Vladislav Bulgakov

Crimea, Ukraine, Simferpopol


 Translated by Lyubov Podlipskaya



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